Records Management

Professional, experienced and GDPR compliant electronic records management in Ireland & Europe.

Records Management

From our Cork, Ireland offices, we offer a secure, efficient and GDPR compliant records management service.

Our streamlined and easy to access electronic records management system allows individuals and businesses to better manage their information.

We also handle physical documents at no extra cost.

Voda-Forde Limited covers all the pick-up and drop-off courier fees.

For the convenience of all our clients, Voda-Forde Limited uses the electronic document management system. This allows us to keep track off and manage your electronic and hard-copy documents.

Voda-Forde Limited's unwavering commitment to security and privacy ensures both electronic and hard copy documentation are kept safe at all times whilst in our possession.

For the best in professional record management services, get in contact with Voda-Forde Limited today.

Why Choose Voda-Forde Limited for your Record Management Needs?


We are committed to making our records management service as efficient and as smooth as possible. By using the electronic records management system we are able to process and compile both physical and electronic documentation quickly and effectively.


Voda-Forde Limited have decades of experience in record management. We have worked with individuals, sole traders, partnerships and corporations and no matter the size of the client they always receive the same high-quality service.


By using the latest electronic records management systems we can streamline our services allowing us to offer our clients the very best prices. Our records management packages are designed with the exact needs, and cost considerations, of individual clients.

For a free records management quote, get in contact with Voda-Forde Limited today.

Records Management FAQ

  • What is Records Management?

    Records management is the administration of paper or digital records. Generally speaking, records management includes the creation of receipts, use of records, disposal of records and compiling of records.

  • What is EDRMS?

    EDRMS stands for Electronic document and records management system. This is the standard record management software that most record management companies use.